Extension of Dates for Presentation of Symposia, Communications, Workshops and Posters

The Organizing Committee of the 1st International LGBTI+ Congress of Attention to Sexual-Affective, Bodily and Gender Diversity, which will take place online between September the 28th, 29th, 30th and October the 1st 2020, has decided to extend the dates for the presentation of symposia, communications, workshops and posters until September the 10th, 2020.

In order to submit your proposal, it is first necessary to enter the website www.insertandalucialgtbi.com at the section «Envío de propuestas», which is found under «Participa». Alternatively, you can click directly on this link.

There, you can find the two submission options: through an application (available in Spanish and English) that must be sent to the email lgtb@insertandalucia.com or by completing a form that appears on the same website.

We love being the media to voice your ideas.

Original written by: Sánchez Paterna, Víctor Manuel

Translated by: Pérez Álvarez, Pilar

Revised by: Moreno Tovar, Manuel

This initiative is organized by Inserta Andalucía and the University of Granada, thanks to the funding provided by the Consejería de Igualdad, Políticas Sociales y Conciliación, and the Project «Educación Transversal para la Diversidad Afectivo-Sexual, Corporal y de Género» (code 419) of Plan FIDO UGR 2018-2020.

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